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Sorry, No New Students being Accepted At This Time

Due to serious family illness, KRI is suspending all activity for the foreseeable future.

Gold Reiki III

Gold Reiki is considered especially useful for fear, anxiety, and lower energy system issues. Includes attunement, complimentary certificate and KRI's own course notes.                                   Just $20!

Full Spectrum Light 2017

Using a "broader" spectrum of energy than Reiki, FSL is said to be especially suitable for removal of emotional blocks, as a mood-elevator, etc. Includes attunement, certificate and KRI's own course notes.                                           Just $20!

Life, the Universe, and Everything Package

You'll receive Kundalini Reiki 2022 (with Purple Reiki) and its most recommended companion attunements (Gold Reiki and Full Spectrum Light) with all course notes and certificates.     Just $60!

Super Package: Every Energy On This Site for $120!

You'll receive A DOZEN (12!) attunements (every energy offered on this site), in the proper order with all certificates and course notes.   Just $120!


"After going thru two KR attunements, I have to compliment you heartily for offering attunements by one of the most authentic and powerful methodologies.

The pristine energy flow is most vividly felt at the corresponding chakra points. Also, thanks for the precise and concise notes, very practical!

Please keep up the great work."

- Swami Jivan Abhinav, India

"I feel both excited and grateful! Moreover, I can function and live and delight in all the wonder of being an expression of God's love as a human!! 

I feel as though I have been restored, regenerated, renewed, revitalized!!

Thanks for being a partner on this journey!"

- Carolyn E., New Hampshire

"Thank you very much for the attunement, I'm very happy with it.

Kundalini Reiki is an efficient and simple kind of Reiki. I think that its a good complement to traditional or Tibetan Reiki, but you can learn it without previous teachings.

Kundalini Reiki includes a lot of easy and powerful little techniques, such as the Kundalini Reiki Meditation and Balance.

The distance attunement is very effective, so I think it's a really good idea to learn it if you are interested in energy healing systems"

 - Carlos Gimenez, Spain    Tibetan/Usui Reiki Teacher