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By Popular Demand

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The KRI Attunement

The attunement method used and recommended by KRI is the strongest and most stable available.

Only real, individualized attunements given here- no questionable chi balls, audio files, or call downs used!

The lack of a "call down" procedure to be performed by the student places the responsibility for the success of the attunement squarely on the Reiki Master, where it belongs.

How it Works

Within 72 hours (usually within 24) of your order being placed I will contact you so we can determine dates and times for your attunements.

Timing is built into the attunement phrasing so I usually perform attunements in advance of the desired dates and times.

At the appointed time, the recipient should just lie down in a receptive state for 25 minutes or so.

No "call down" phrase or procedure is necessary.


Reiki (and related modalities) is a natural method of energy balancing for the purpose of stress reduction and relaxation. It can involve "the laying on of hands" although this is not required for Reiki to be effective.

While it can be used entirely on it's own, it is not meant as a substitute for medical, or psychological, diagnosis and treatment. In fact it can readily compliment other forms of therapy.

Practitioners do not diagnose conditions, nor do they perform medical treatment, prescribe substances, or interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional, unless they have received training in such a licensed professional practice that supports this. This type of skill is not a part of a normal certified Reiki training program.

Finally, while KRI will work (within reason) to ensure a student/clients satisfaction, no guarantee is expressed or implied and no refunds will be given.


Announcing the "By Popular Demand" Collection

The following selection of attunements are miscellaneous modalities KRI has acquired that are considered a bit outside the scope of KRI's focus for various reasons.

That hasn't stopped almost continuous requests that they be offered, however, so here they are.

Some have KRI's own course notes and some have Ole Gabrielsen's original course notes.

Due to KRI's varying levels of experience with these, they come with varying levels of possible support and this is reflected in their pricing.

Regardless, they will all be delivered via KRI's attunement method, even if a different mode of attunement is detailed in the included course notes.


Kumara Reiki 2017

A newer twist on the original Usui Reiki energy inspired by a trip to Mount Kurama.

Includes attunement, KRI's own course notes, and certificate.                                                Just $15!

Kumara Kundalini Reiki 2017

Intended to be a fusion of Kumara Reiki energy and activated Kundalini.                           Just $15!

Kumara Kundalini Reiki Package

Get Kundalini Reiki Millenium, Kumara Reiki 2017, and Kumara Kundalini Reiki 2017 (plus Purple Reiki) for one low price! Includes six attunements, KRI's own course notes and certificates.            Just $70!

Prana 2017

The intention of the Prana attunement is to give you the ability to create experimental energy tools for meditation, energy work, & EMF remediation. 

Includes attunement, course notes/cert.   Just $12!

Prana Source 2017

This attunement is intended to allow you to create "contagious" Prana tools that turn everything around them into Prana-emitting objects!

Note: You must receive Prana first.        Just $12!

Great Central Sun 2017

The intention of this attunement is to allow you to create Prana-style tools emitting the energy of the toroidal plasmoid at our galaxies center. 

Note: You must receive Prana first.        Just $12!

7 Chakra Source 2017

Create a one-time-use tool and apply it in a special manner with the intention of strengthening and upgrading your subtle energy system in 24 hours.

Note: You must receive Prana first.        Just $12!

Prana Package

Get Prana 2017, Prana Source 2017, Great Central Sun 2017, and 7 Chakra Source for one low price!

Includes four attunements, Ole Gabrielsen's original course notes, and certificates.                  Just $40!

The "Life, The Universe, and Everything" Package

You'll receive TEN (10!) attunements (every energy offered on this site), in the proper order with all certificates and course notes. How much for all this?                                             Just $140!